N.V. Tozai Sake Typhoon Futsu 720 ml

Year: N.V.
Appellation: Kyoto Prefecture
Country: Japan
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 14.9%
Price :


Winery Notes:
Bronze Medal, Beverage Testing Institute, 2009
"Clear with a polished silver cast. Somewhat sour aromas of bruised caramel apple, dried lemon and lavender follow through on a brisk, soft entry to a dry-yet-fruity light body with hints of apple custard, jicama and nutskin. Finishes with a crisp, lightly tannic fade."

Premium Japanese sake is meant to be enjoyed either slightly chilled (suzu-bie) or gently warmed (nuru-kan). Lower quality sake is often served boiling hot to mask the unpleasant flavors, aromas, and rough texture of inexpensive, mass-produced sake.

Tozai Typhoon is a versatile premium sake that is delicious not only served chilled but also gently warmed as it is enjoyed during Japanese winters. Or substitute Typhoon for vodka or gin to give cocktails an Asian twist. Download the Typhoon Background Flyer here

Serving Suggestions:
Place a tokkuri , or ceramic carafe, of sake in a hot water bath and let sit until the sake reaches about 40ºC/104ºF, not boiling hot. The narrow neck of the traditional Japanese carafe keeps the sake warm as you enjoy small cups (ochoko) of sake with friends.

Serve 3-4 oz straight into a white wine glass or use in any cocktail to add some Asian flair.

Cocktails to try:
*"Typhoon Mary": Try this twist on the Bloody Mary by adding equal parts Typhoon to your favorite vodka.

*"Godzillapolitan": Shake up your standard Cosmo by substituting Typhoon for citrus vodka.

*"Sake Sunrise": Replace tequila with Typhoon-add orange juice and grenadine and toast to this fine brew from the Land of the Rising Sun!