N.V. Tensei Sake Song of the Sea Junmai Gingo 720 ml

Year: N.V.
Appellation: Kanagawa
Country: Japan
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 16.0%
Price :

Winery Notes:
This sake is made with yeast that is obtained directly from the brewer that discovered it, rather than through the usual distribution channels. Yeast #9 makes the sake a bit more lively and intense. Song of the Sea is an ode to the brewery’s seaside location in Kanagawa. Fun fact: The Great Wave of Kanagawa, the most recognized work of Japanese woodblock art in the world, was created in this prefecture.

Tasting Notes/Food Pairing:
This junmai ginjo displays supreme balance between aromas and flavors. A medley of apple, banana, and melon lead the aromas and carry through on the palate. Intense throughout with a crisp, clean finish. Food pairing ideas are grilled lamb chops with curried pears and pistachio couscous, tamarind glazed chicken, or parsnip fries with smoked paprika.