N.V. Rihaku Sake Dreamy Clouds Nigori 720 ml

Year: N.V.
Appellation: Shimane Prefecture
Country: Japan
Vinous Media: 87
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 15.5%
Price :


"Hazy pale lemonade color. Aromas of squash and nuts. Big, rich, broad and dry; in a mellow, low-toned style, with a distinct rice flavor. A bit neutral but sound acidity gives this smooth wine a fruity quality." (VM)

Winery Notes:
Rihaku is proud to boast the highest average rice milling rate of all Japanese breweries. This sake is a good example why—while it is already unusual to produce high-quality nigori at the Tokubetsu Junmai grade, Rihaku's goes one better by making a Dreamy Clouds that goes beyond the minimum, and could technically qualify as a Junmai Ginjo grade nigori. They also continue to use the same traditional methods to brew their sake as they did in the late 1800's. The only difference is now they employ the help of selective technology when, and only when, it's determined that the extra help would result in a better sake. For example, their koji-making machine allows tighter control of temperature and moisture during the koji-making process while metal “fingers” mix the koji every few hours, resulting in not only cleaner but also more uniform and consistent koji.