N.V. Rare Red "RR" 4 Grape Red

Year: N.V.
Appellation: California
Country: USA - California
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
Price :


Winner at the 2012 California State Fair Wine Competition GOLD MEDAL - SCORE - 95 POINTS Best of Class - California (State) Appellation

Winery Notes:
Today, there is a growing popularity of red blended wines. Wineries are producing up scaled, blended wines that can be categorized as “proprietary wines”. They are generally blends of specified varietals with a unique name created by the producer. These wines are born from surplus wine availability on the market and from the individual inventories of the producer. They are usually created to achieve great value – generally below the much higher pricing of straight varietals. A blended wine, which specifies its varietal content, can be very appealing and complex with unique character. They can be better than varietal wines since the blended wine displays all the desirable characteristics of each component. Different vintages are also blended to achieve optimum quality and maturity. Some varieties need aging and some add fragrance and fruit in their youth. We call it, vintage mélange. Rare Red is one of the most outstanding values of the wine world. The Score and Medals won at the State Fair are proof, but the taste of Rare Red is the ultimate confirmation.

Rare Red is a blend of four varietals from select California wine growing districts: Sangiovese - Merlot - Zinfandel and Primitivo. The attributes of the four varietals all contribute to the excellence of this robust blend. Merlot provides intense character and structure. Zinfandel and Primitivo add body, depth, color and raspberry-blackberry aromas. Sangiovese mitigates the other more tannic components with softness and bright fruit flavors. All constituents harmonize with each other and create increased synergistic complexity. This rare wine is medium bodied and fragrant with instantly appealing, fruit forward characteristics.

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