NV Grant Fino La Garrocha 375 ml

Year: NV
Appellation: Jerez
Country: Spain
Fortified Wine
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Winery Notes:
Wine Maker Notes
The Fino La Garrocha has spent three years aging through the Solera system. The microclimate of the bodega produces a distinct flor that gives this sherry its unique characteristics.

Tasting Notes
Beautiful floral aromas. Very vinus with a sweet undertone, finishes dry.

Serving Recommendation
Fino La Garrocha should be served cold (45°F). Fino is best when served fresh so check the lot number on the back label to ensure freshness.

Bodegas Grant, located in the heart of the town of El Puerto de Santa Maria, has been owned by the same family since 1841. Edmundo Grant is the current generation caring for the bodega. The Grant family are former almacenistas who only recently began to estate bottle. Although the do not own any vineyards, they primarily source grapes from the famed Pago Valvaina. Their label, La Garrocha, refers to a famous dance performed with a stick while on horseback.

The Fino La Garrocha is aged in the solera system for three years. The unique microclimate of the bodega cul- tures a flor that imparts its distinctive floral characteristics to the Fino La Garrocha.