N.V. Blandy's Madeira Sercial 15 Year 500 ml

Year: N.V.
Appellation: Madeira
Country: Portugal
Fortified Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 19.0%
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Blandy's has thrown away the rule-book to create a striking new Madeira.

Winery Notes:
The Blandy family founded their winery in 1811 and in 1925 formed the original Madeira Wine Association in partnership with Leacock’s Madeira. In 1989, the Symington family, renowned fourth generation Port producers, entered a partnership with the Blandys in what had then become the Madeira Wine Company, which also represents Cossart Gordon, Leacock’s and Miles. Over the last 15 years, the Symingtons have used their winemaking experience, dedication to reinvestment in the vineyards and winery, and worldwide distribution network to revitalize the Madeira trade.

Fermentation off the skins with natural yeast at temperatures between 18°C - 21°C, in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks; fortification with grape brandy after approximately 5 days, arresting fermentation at the desired degree of sweetness.

Blandy’s 15 Year Old Sercial was aged for 15 years in seasoned American oak casks in the traditional “Canteiro” system. In the process the wine is gently heated by warm air in the lofts of the company’s south facing lodge in Funchal. Over the years the casks are transferred from the top floor to the middle floor and eventually to the ground floor where it is cooler. The wine then underwent racking and fining before the blend was assembled and bottled.