NV Blandy's Madeira Alvada 5 Year 500 ml

Year: NV
Appellation: Madeira
Country: Portugal
Fortified Wine
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Blandy's has thrown away the rule-book to create a striking new Madeira.

Winery Notes:
It is virtually unheard of for a Madeira wine to be blended from two of the classic grape varieties. Alvada combines Malmsey for its classic richness and Bual for its subtle dry fruit and apricot notes.

Alvada retains the rich opulence of traditional Madeira yet lifts it with a fresh twist. Wickedly seductive, Alvada is perfect for sharing on any occasion, and there is very little chance of any wine being left in the bottle. Try it lightly chilled with a dish of salted almonds for a fantastic aperitif.

Unrestrained by tradition, Alvada has set new boundaries for Madeira.

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