A Note From Steven Bialek,
President of Los Angeles Wine Company

Since 1982, the Los Angeles Wine Company has provided the finest, highest quality wines at the very lowest possible prices. Our unchanged and often emulated concept is based on the premise that "EVERY wine in our stock is EXPERTLY selected for the best cost to quality ratio and ALWAYS SALE PRICED."

We are very conservative and selective buyers tasting 200-300 wines per month, often selecting less than 10% from those submitted samples. After searching out those few wines, we then negotiate tooth and nail with our suppliers, often passing on excellent efforts, in order to obtain the best pricing on those wines WE think are incredible deals.

We do not have SALES or SPECIALS depending on who you are, or how much you purchase. Our pricing is net to the bottle on every wine, every item, day in and day out, for as long as it remains in inventory.

Buy what we buy, when we buy, and you will always get the best, the latest and greatest at the lowest price!!! We buy in huge quantity and therefore do not special order. Usually, the price for that special need would be far more expensive than had we purchased it when obtaining it at the "L.A.W.C. price."

The Los Angeles Wine Company looks and feels different than most retail wine stores because it is! Buying the best and slashing the price to the bone is only part of our secret. We deal in new releases, changing and turning our inventory on the average of every 30 days. You must move fast and hopefully come to trust us for all your fine wine buying decisions. If you rely on the press, or a third party endorsement, you are likely to miss out and always be a half step behind those of us in the know.

Others might promise you better service, selection and prices, but pound for pound, no one can control its expenses and operate on razor thin margins as we can here at the Los Angeles Wine Company.

We invite you, our fellow wine intuits, to visit us in person or on the web at www.lawineco.com. We look forward to the challenge of making your shopping experience with the Los Angeles Wine Company the finest and most enjoyable, every time. I am the president of the company and my staff and I are ready to personally assist you.

Steven Bialek,