2019 Patricia Green Pinot Noir Reserve

Year: 2019
Appellation: Willamette Valley
Country: USA - Oregon
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.3%
Price :
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Winery Notes:
Wine Making and Notes:
This bottling allows us to accomplish two things that are very important to us as a winery. The first thing is that it allows us to be incredibly detailed about the barrels we select for our vineyard designated wines, so they stay true to the expressions of the site on a year in and year out basis.The Willamette Valley Pinot Noir bottling “Reserve” is almost entirely made up of barrels that simply were not included in a more prestigious bottling, which allows us to choose from larger sections of our diverse vineyards. Secondly, it allows us to create a blended wine that has a degree of consistency to it each vintage that is of incredibly high-quality and retails for under $30.

In short, this wine is a smoking deal! The 2017 Willamette Valley Reserve was rated as the #39 wine by The Wine Spectator and 93pts because of its unusual combination of quality, price,and availability.

This bottling comes from terrific sources. The 2019 has a make-up of unique pedigree for a wine at its pricing. Slightly over 33% comes from our Estate Vineyard from which we bottled 4 individual single vineyard/block bottlings in 2019. Other sources of significance are Freedom Hill Vineyard which is one of the most famous (and deservedly so) sites in the state, Corrine (formerly Olenik) Vineyard which we have bottled single vineyard Pinots from since 2009, Wind Ridge Vineyard which is an older Ribbon Ridge AVA site, Anderson Family Vineyard which is new to us but is a 30 year-old organically farmed site in the Dundee Hills (we are making a vineyard designated Pinot from it in 2019 as well) and a vineyard so famous that the winery that owns it,won’t let us put the name of the vineyard on the vineyard designated bottling we make,let alone tell you it is one of the mainstays in our least expensive wine! You get the picture. This isn’t throw away stuff mixed together and then hope for the best. This is an intentional wine filled with basically declassified single vineyard quality wine in it.

This wine carries the breadth of the winery in other ways as well. From completely destemmed grapes to 100% whole cluster fermentations, all winemaking stylistic decisions are represented within this bottling. The two most important AVAs in the Willamette Valley to us (and likely the two most prestigious and sought after) are Ribbon Ridge (where we are located) and the Dundee Hills. 75% of this wine comes from those two AVA'S. To show those AVA'S in their pure fruit form about 75% of the volume of this wine comes from neutral barrels while less than 3% of the blend are from new barrels.

This winery has always been dedicated to the concept of the highest-level quality without necessarily attaching a corresponding price point. Patty and I always wanted to have a winery that made wines that we liked to drink, but more importantly a winery that had wines we would, were we the customer, feel good about paying for. This Reserve Pinot Noir is as an important bottling to us and this winery as the lowest production, super-fancy,and exclusive wine that we make. Lots of people see, buy,and drink this wine and that is something that we love.

Production:4,145 cases bottled.