2018 St. Amant Vintage Port

Year: 2018
Appellation: Amador County
Country: USA-California
Fortified Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 18.5%
Price :

2021 The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Tasting: GOLD MEDAL WINNER!!

Winery Notes:
If anything, our Vintage Port has been our signature wine dating back to our first vintage in 1981. In the late 70’s, my dad got interested in Portuguese port wines, but was disappointed in the quality of California versions that were being made from Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. They were simple and one dimensional. He reached out to UC Davis and ended up planting five traditional Portuguese varieties in our Amador County vineyard. We ended up bottling that first vintage from 1981, after the winery that bought the grapes filed bankruptcy and my dad “reclaimed” the wine. It was a big hit, and over the past 35 years we’ve bottled 14 Vintage Ports.