2018 Finke's Blanc de Blancs Sparkling

Year: 2018
Appellation: Clarksberg
Country: USA-California
Sparkling Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%
Price :

BARGAIN ALERT!!....WHEN HENRY SAYS YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE!!...This is a particularly beautifully charmat method sparkling, 100% Chardonnay in the 2018 vintage. We work with a vineyard in Clarksburg which provides incredible acid and lends itself to a crisp, dry expression. We say Finke's has the celebratory feel of French champagne without the special occasion pricing.

Winery Notes:
With Finke’s, we’re looking to define a new style of quality California sparkling wine that perfectly reflects the state’s sun-kissed fruit. This mono-varietal sparkling of Chardonnay was made by picking each varietal early in the season and using the Charmat Method to produce the lively bubbles, brightness, and freshness. Bottled just six months after the harvest and ready to drink right away, it showcases a fresh and youthful wine with a crisp, dry expression on the palate from the Chardonnay and notes of apple, pineapple, and floral aromas. Finke’s has the celebratory feel of French champagne, without the special occasion pricing. Make every day a celebration with this delightful wine.