2018 Aubert Lefas Bourgogne Grandes Carelles Blanc

Year: 2018
Appellation: Burgundy
Country: France
White Wine
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Winery Notes:
Aubert Lefas is the current steward of Domaine Lejeune and can trace its history back as far as 1783. The 10 hectare domaine has been passed down for 5 generations and is owned by the Jullien de Pommerol family, which Aubert married into. Aubert has been kind enough to create The Aubert Lefas-“Vigneron” label for Misa Imports. The red winemaking here can only be described as traditional. Open wooden vat fermentation, one of which, encircled by 17 hoops of white birch, is the oldest of its kind in the entire Burgundy region. The objective here is to fashion Pommard in the traditional style, with a solid potential for cellaring and ageing. The method of vinification is highly original. Each vat is filled to about 20-40% of its volume, with whole clusters or bunches. These are trodden by foot to release enough juice for the alcoholic fermentation to begin, precipitated by the action of natural yeasts found in the atmosphere and on the bloom of the grape at harvest time. In the meantime the vats are filled almost to the top with more whole clusters. Their weight forces more juice to be released at the bottom. This initial phase of the alcoholic fermentation lasts 5-7 days and is called "semi-carbonic maceration" as many of the berries ferment whole, rather than as a pulp. Then, as the alcoholic fermentation proceeds these grapes are gently crushed by specially designed poles. The grapes are encouraged to macerate or steep as long as possible, to provide color and tannin, often taking 21-26 days between the time the wooden vats are filled to the time the wine is run off into barrel. Then a gentle vertical wooden press gently squeezes more juice from the marc of skins that remains in vat after the wine is run off. The wines are neither fined nor filtered before bottling.