2017 Chateau Petit Roubie Picpoul de Pinet

Year: 2017
Appellation: Languedoc-Roussillon
Country: France
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%
Price :

Winery Notes:
Picpoul (means “lipstinger”) is noted for its high acidity and lemony fruit and used to be widely grown as a base for vermouth. This is a golden coloured white wine with brilliant pearly green reflections. The complex nose combines the dominant aroma of flowers with the scent of white peach and the exotic flavour of pineapples. Initially round and full the taste rapidly changes to lively. The nicely balanced acid-alcohol content brings out the fruity aromas. The long and full after-taste leaves suggestions of citrus and hard fruit. Perfect with fish and seafood but also try with cheese and chocolate!