2016 Tangent Sauvignon Blanc Paragon Vineyard 375 ml Can

Year: 2016
Appellation: Edna Valley
Country: USA-California
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
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Winery Notes:
The Niven family’s estate vineyard, Paragon, has earned the Sustainability in Practice (SIP TM) Vineyard Certification. The family has ensured that these vineyards have historically been farmed in a careful and responsible manner, taking into account all facets of the surrounding environment. Certification proves their collective commitment to environmental stewardship, economic viability, and equitable treatment of employees. SIP TM provides a comprehensive and verifiable method to authenticate a vineyard’s attention to integrated farming practices.

Owned and farmed by the Niven family, the Paragon Vineyard in the Edna Valley of California provides the grapes for this wine. Originally planted in 1973, the historic Paragon Vineyard pioneered modern day viticulture in the now Edna Valley. With the Pacific Ocean lying only five miles to the west, its influence creates one of the longest growing seasons in the state. The extended hang time encourages full ripening and development of intense varietal character while preserving minerality and a good acid backbone, a Tangent imperative.

Winemaker Christian Roguenant harvests at different levels of ripeness in order to achieve his ideal finished wine. One portion is picked a bit early; the higher acid and lower sugar in the berries bring a crisp citrus and slight herbal character. The middle portion is harvested at balanced ripeness, while the third is picked a little later in the season. The fruit in this last batch provides tropical notes and a round mouthfeel. Clusters are picked from different vineyard blocks at each of the three stages, and fermented separately. Stainless steel tanks provide the perfect environment, and the juice is kept very cool during fermentation, usually lasting five to eight weeks. There is no oak influence, as Christian sticks to the age-old methods.

”Another bright and racy vintage, with flavors of green apple, lime, grapefruit, lemon zest, notes of minerality and citrus aromatics. Silky and light, balanced with nice crisp acidity. My favorite wine with oysters, it pairs well with most any seafood.”