2016 Storybook Mountain Zinfandel Estate Mayacamas Range

Year: 2016
Appellation: Napa Valley
Country: USA-California
Wine & Spirits: 94
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 14.7%
Price :

"While Eastern Exposures (also recommended here) may prove to be longer lived than the Mayacamas Range zin from 2016, this wine is more compellingly delicious right now. “I was happy this was in my mouth,” said Jared Hooper of LA’s Faith & Flower when he tasted it. Maria Garcia from the Wine House in Santa Monica described it as “pinot-noir-esque, with more of the weight I want in zinfandel.” In fact, when our pourer, Lewis Hurrell, was griping to me about a ZAP tasting he’d attended, I suggested he taste this wine, along with another (the Storybook Reserve). “Those wines changed my mind about zinfandel,” he told me later. So, if you don’t think of zinfandel as lively, zesty and fresh, a sleekly fruited backdrop for the scent of a meadow in June, try this wine. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, but I would wager that you will." (W&S)

Winery Notes:
Wines of forward fruit, supple balance and sensual promise. If the exuberance of youth is a key to your enjoyment of Zinfandel, this is your wine.