2016 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett

Year: 2016
Appellation: Mosel
Country: Germany
Vinous Media: 92
James Suckling: 91
Mosel Fine Wine Review: 92+
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 8.0%
Price :


"A faintly cheesy fermentative overlay lifts with aeration to reveal ripe apple, honeydew and quince. Buoyant, silken-textured and generously, lusciously fruity, the palate features a judicious measure of entirely supportive sweetness and an influx of fresh grapefruit and lime that lend delightful animation and eventual refreshment. A hint of almond paste on the finish reinforces the sense of ripe melon and northern orchard fruits, but the wine’s citricity and undertone of wet stone never let up. This clings both soothingly and stimulatingly – an impeccable example of its genre (and one that entirely eclipses its rather inexplicably weak vintage 2015 predecessor). Calling it “super clean and clear,” Oliver Haag predicted that this Kabinett will be a fine ager, and I concur on all counts, other than the need for the nose to shed its slight funk, which will happen within a couple of years. As usual, there is a large volume of this wine, assembled from many different pickings and lots." (VM)

"Cool and delicate with a wet earth and spring flower character. This is delightful kabinett that's very easy to enjoy now, but will be great any time during the next 5 years. " (JS)

"The 2016er Brauneberger Kabinett was made from fruit harvested at 85° Oechsle on the Brauneberger hill (i.e. in the Juffer and Juffer-Sonnenuhr vineyards). It offers a rather reduced nose still marked by residues of spontaneous fermentation at first. These give then way to scents of pear, cassis, apple, grapefruit, herbs and fine spices after some airing. The wine proves however beautifully juicy and fruity, with good presence and elegance as well as quite some CO2 at this early stage on the palate. While already providing some Spätlese creaminess on the palate, the wine remains elegantly playful with much 1997 appeal right into the playful and comparatively airy finish. While a bit rough at this early stage, we would not be surprised if this will eventually exceed our high expectations as its fresher side develops at maturity. 2026-2046" (FWR)

Winery Notes:
A selection of early-picked fruit from both the Juffer and Juffer Sonnenuhr vineyards, the Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett has a very fine, delicate structure and pure, enervating fruitiness that exemplifies the Fritz Haag style.