2016 Chateau de Saint Cosme Little James' Basket Press Blanc

Year: 2016
Appellation: Vin de Pays d'Oc
Country: France
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%
Price :


Winery Notes:
Viognier / Sauvignon.

Fermentation and ageing in tanks.

Long-standing experience in making white wines at Saint Cosme was a great help in defining and constantly adjusting the profile of white Little James. Whites and reds involve a very different type of expertise and culture. This year, we have a little more Viognier than usual but Little James will be very similar to the 2015s. Blending Viognier and Sauvignon is very rare, probably because the varietals are traditionally grown in different regions, except in Languedoc where they grow side by side. I like to marry the two because they have proven themselves to be complementary. Blending grape varieties and crafting them together is more than just a question of analysis, figures and theories – it is mainly about style and alchemy. Just like music is not merely a combination of notes – they have to mean something musically and be coherent – wine is the same. It is amazing to see that, irrespective of the vintage, one of the two grape varieties always provides a solution when the other is slightly under par. This year we will be bottling early because that’s always the best way. Treat yourself to some Little James – that is its sole purpose, to be the ultimate wine for indulgence.

Anise, apricot, grapefruit, lychee, boxwood and mango.

Bottled in January 2017