2015 Hullabaloo Zinfandel Old Vines

Year: 2015
Appellation: Lodi
Country: USA-California
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.9%
Price :
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Winery Notes:
Webster's Dictionary (The Voice of Authority) defines Hullabaloo as: To cause an uproar or fuss, and we are certain that this wine is positioned to do just that! Taking advantage of some strong "old timer" grower relations, we have been able to source some wonderful old vine Zinfandel from several Napa Valley vineyards. Please don't ask us from where, as we have been sworn to secrecy; just know the same grapes go into wines that retail for three to four times the price.

Also, since people always ask us about our interesting labels here is a little bit about Hullabaloo: We chose the classic 19th century strongman icon as we thought it was fitting of the period between 1850 and 1900 (around the same time Zinfandel was planted and began to flourish in California). The strongman was not only an exhibitor of feats of strength but his main purpose was also to showcase his great size, boldness and symmetry-kind of describes old vine Zinfandel doesn't it?