2011 Oddero Moscato d' Asti Cascina Fiori 375 ml

Year: 2011
Appellation: Piedmont
Country: Italy
Dessert Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
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Winery Notes:
100% Moscato Bianco; it is a grape variety with ancient origins, appreciated even by the ancient Romans. The clusters have beautiful round berries with a golden colour, shading to a warm amber when ripe.

Beautifully intense yellow color, fragrant and aromatic bouquet with light floral hints, of sage, tangerine and yellow peach, and fresh, sweet and aromatic on the palate. A young, fresh, light and perfumed wine, well-matched with the best Italian desserts. We believe that Moscato is well-matched also with intense flavours such as fresh cheeses, salami and figs and salty anchovies. Some dare to pair it also with oysters.. we recall that in the past years a typical snack at our estate was: bread, toma cheese and Moscato d’Asti!