2008 Ulises Valdez Zinfandel Botticelli Vineyard Rockpile

Year: 2008
Appellation: Sonoma County
Country: USA-California
Connoisseurs' Guide: 88
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 15.2%
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"High ripeness and high extract may be the two salient traits of this very big and mouthfilling wine, yet amidst its elements of jam and chocolate, it finds the brooding presence of blackberry fruit. It is coarse, it is tough, it is astringent, but it is also quite rich, and patient fans of the style are advised to check in again once four or five years have passed. Reviewed: January 2012" (CG)

Winery Notes:
The Rockpile appellation is defined by elevation (800 ft and above) and along with it shallow, rocky soil, has a foothill climate which seems to be custom made for great red wine production.

"When Ulises Valdez crossed the U.S. border in 1985, his goal was to work hard and make enough money to start a small business back in Mexico - perhaps as a grocery store owner. He didn't imagine that he would come to manage 1,000 acres of prime Sonoma County vineyards as the owner of a successful vineyard management company, or that his own wine would one day be served at the White House. Yet, he accomplished all of this by age 41..."