2006 Yarden Chardonnay

Year: 2006
Appellation: Galilee
Country: Israel
White Wine
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Winery Notes:
The Wine
Quince, ripe pear, citrus blossoms, lemon zest and tropical fruit characters along with notes of oak and spice typify the 2006 Yarden Chardonnay. Its flavor and body are both on the full side, without losing drinkable elegance. You may enjoy Yarden Chardonnay upon release though the fruit will continue to open up for a few years following the vintage. If well cellared, Yarden Chardonnay will continue to please for five to seven years form the harvest. We enjoy Yarden Chardonnay with a wide variety of fairly full flavored foods. For a great and unusual accompaniment, puree together green tomatoes, fresh coriander (cilantro), green onions, green chili pepper, garlic and some good olive oil. Braise chicken pieces for a half hour, then brown the chicken under a grill. Return the chicken to the sauce and serve!

The Harvest
A relatively warm, dry winter preceded the 2006 vintage season. Very low rainfall caused great worry until a cold wet April delivered enough rain to bring the seasonal total to 90% of normal. The relative cool continued to the end of July, delaying the start of harvest by about ten days. Near perfect conditions then prevailed until almost the end of the vintage when, on the 15th, the first of five October rains hit. The precipitation (five times the October norm!) delayed to November the final 8% of harvest. Yarden Chardonnay is made exclusively from fruit grown in the northern Golan Heights, at elevations of up to 1,200 meters (4,000 feet). This is the coldest winegrowing area in Israel and has proved itself as a great place for growing Chardonnay. Yarden Chardonnay ferments and ages in French oak barrels, 50% new.