2006 Golan Emerald Riesling

Year: 2006
Appellation: Galilee
Country: Israel
White Wine
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Winery Notes
Golan is a brand representing affordable, young, quality wines providing excellent value for money.

The 2006 Golan Emerald Riesling exhibits bright notes of citrus and tropical fruits along with nuances of jasmine and spice. The wine's light sweetness makes it a nice pair to spicy cuisines, such as Thai or Mexican. We also like to sip on it as an aperitif before dinner or with an afternoon snack. Emerald Riesling is best drunk young and fresh.

The Harvest
A relatively warm, dry winter preceded the 2006 vintage season. Very low rainfall caused great worry until a cold wet April delivered enough rain to bring the seasonal total to 90% of normal. The relative cool continued to the end of July, delaying the start of harvest by about ten days. Near perfect conditions then prevailed until almost the end of the vintage when, on the 15th, the first of five October rains hit. The precipitation (five times the October norm!) delayed to November the final 8% of harvest. Golan Emerald Riesling is made entirely from Emerald Riesling grown in two vineyards in the central Golan Heights. Emerald Riesling is a cross between the classic White (Johannisberg) Riesling and Muscadelle. A cold fermentation retains the variety's distinctiveness.