2015 Ninety + Cellars Chardonnay Reserve Lot #130

Year: 2015
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Country: USA - California
White Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.9%
Price :

Source Price: $22.00
Our Price: $17.99
LAWC Price: $10.95

"Bacchus Loves Hills" is an old saying referring to the Roman habit of planting vineyards on hillsides perched above the flowing waters of nearby rivers. The slopping landscape provided just the right soil to produce ripe, tasty grapes. This remains true today, especially when you combine Chardonnay and the rolling terrain of the Russian River Valley.

Pour a glass and you'll discover a brilliant golden liquid overflowing with aromas of crisp green apple pineapple. Take a sip and you'll find yourself on a trip to Creme Brulee heaven on the Starfruit Enterprise. Here's a message to all you Chardonnaysayers. You'll be converted once this wine touches your lips.

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