2013 Westerhold Family Vineyards Syrah Estate

Year: 2013
Appellation: Bennett Valley, Sonoma County
Country: USA-California
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 14.8%
Price :


Winery Notes:
The 2013 Westerhold Family Vineyards Syrah is a beautiful, luxurious wine. As this vineyard does in all great vintages, the 2013 has a combination of blue and black fruits, white pepper and grilled meats. The palate is true to the nose, but the textures are livelier than one would expect. The acid and tannins push each other, giving the wine an amazing tension and verve. The finish stays with you for over 30 seconds and, after the flavors have softened, you still feel the wine's energy. It begs to be served with a rare steak; it will cut through the fat making it refreshing and allowing the flavors to further develop. -Russell Bevan, Winemaker

I want to introduce myself and our winery to you, and am hoping that I can send you some sample bottles to see if you’d have any interest in carrying our wines in your store. I used to shop in your store quite frequently when we lived in Marina del Rey – we moved up to Sonoma County in 2006 to start our winery. Briefly, we’re a small (around 400 cases/year) winery making Pinot Noir (we’ll be bottling our first Chardonnay vintage later this year) from estate fruit in Bennett Valley, Sonoma County. Our Pinot Noir vineyard is planted to Dijon clones 115, 667, 777 and also Pommard clone. Our Chardonnay vineyard blocks are from old Wente clone cuttings. We also made Syrah from the 2007 vintage through the 2014 vintage from Alban 1 clone Syrah (we grafted our Syrah vineyard over to Chardonnay in 2015). Russell Bevan, of Bevan Cellars, has been our winemaker since our founding in 2007.