2013 Ramos Torres Love Ranch Vineyard Red Blend

Year: 2013
Appellation: Madera
Country: USA-California
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
Price :


Winery Notes:
Love Ranch Vineyard is a bit of a love story for Ramos Torres. This new estate vineyard is owned by Steve and Diane Love and farmed by Ramos Torres. The vineyard is planted to Rhone varieties to which it is perfectly suited. Love Ranch Vineyard is a true gem and we are quite happy to have access to such great winegrapes. By having full control of this fruit source, we are able to farm it in a sustainable way that allows the terroir to express itself to its utmost potential.

This vineyard was established in 1994 in what is now the Madera American Viticultural Area. The Madera AVA covers quite a large area and about 38,000 acres of grapevines. A very small portion of the Madera appellation is in a sub-region locally known as the Madera Foothills. The Madera Foothills are located south of the Yosemite National forest and are characterized by soils and climatic factors that differ from the rest of the region, which sits on the floor of the San Joaquin Valley. This is a relatively undiscovered region and it is producing great winegrapes. Only a few vintners have discovered this promising growing region.

When Ramos Torres found this vineyard, it was immediately apparent that this wonderful site held promise. The soil was right, the climate was right, and the varieties were right; all it needed was a leg up. As Oscar stepped out of the cellar and into the vineyard, he found he needed to replant a large section of Syrah that had died. In addition, there were many other sections of the vineyard that were struggling. A farming plan was put together for the ranch, including a new regime of sustainable vineyard management that would ensure vine health and wine quality for the future.

In 2012, a small nursery was created to propagate new healthy vines from scion wood already present in the vineyard. Some sections had been severely damaged and proved too great a demand for the small nursery to provide it with planting material. We decided to supplement with vines from an outside nursery to cover our needs. Oscar saw this as an opportunity to add the varieties Grenache Blanc and Counoise to the vineyard mix resulting in a total of 8 different Rhone varieties. These varieties were originally imported by Tablas Creek and propagated by Novavine Nursery. Even though the 2012 and 2013 vintages proved challenging, the new vines are doing very well and we are eagerly awaiting their bounty in the coming years. Love ranch was originally planted to six varieties, which we increased to eight. We will be adding more soon!