2013 Jeff Cohn Cellars Zinfandel Cassata Vineyard

Year: 2013
Appellation: Sonoma Valley
Country: USA - California
Wine Advocate: 91
Connoisseurs' Guide: 90
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 15.6%
Price :

"I had the pleasure of tasting two Zinfandels from Cohn. The 2013 Zinfandel Cassata Vineyard carries a Sonoma appellation and a bold 15.6% natural alcohol. A rich, black raspberry-scented nose, a full-bodied mouthfeel and delicious fruit-forward style is not going to make old bones, but for drinking over the next 5-6 years, this is a sexy Zinfandel.

One of my favorite producers year in year out who still seems to fly under many people’s radar is Maryland-born Jeff Cohn. He has the Midas touch, it is clearly obvious. Anyone serious about wine should have some of his vinous elixirs in their cellar." (WA)

"This imposing, highly ripened and fully extracted Zinfandel is as bold and as rich as any of the current Jeff Cohn offerings, and, if it is bound to impress the weak of heart as being on the verge of losing control, there is no denying its generosity, its depth and its sheer fruity muscle. It is a full-throttle powerhouse that is sure to overwhelm all but the most flavorful foods, and it joins the ranks of big-impact Zins ideally suited for accompanying meal-ending cheeses. Reviewed: January 2016" (CG)

Winery Notes:
A biodynamically farmed hillside vineyard at 450 ft. elevation planted behind the world famous Pagani Ranch Vineyard. This is a very cool growing area with 10 year old head trained vines. It is very rocky with loamy, skeletal and clay soils which produce a Zinfandel that is very concentrated but stays "light on its feet." The Zinfandel selections planted here include Chauvet, Monte Rosso, and Pagani which are co-fermented. All add a unique component to the wine and when paired with a small amount of Clone 1 Petite Sirah, our Cassata Vineyard Zinfandels are full of notes of blackberry jam, chocolate covered cherries, and ground crushed black pepper. In 2013 we produced our first terra cotta amphora fermented and aged Zinfandel from this vineyard. Our Orcio Zinfandel highlights the significance of unconventional fermentation techniques which Jeff is well known for. Orcio has a more Rhône feel to it with a hint of Italian influence.

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