2005 Chateau L' Archange 6.0 L

Year: 2005
Appellation: Saint-Emilion
Country: France
Wine Spectator: 91
Red Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 13.0%
Price :

"Offers mineral, blackberry and fresh herbs on the nose, with a full body, chewy tannins and a soft finish. Balanced and very pretty. Best after 2012. 450 cases made. –JS" (WS)

Winery Notes:
Product since the 2000 vintage and real creation of Pascal CHATONNETS, the Archangel is a wine 100% from merlot to a parcel in the area of the Grand Crus of the appellation. Harvested, vinified mature with the most modern and high technology in new barrels, the Archangel is, by nature, a round, soft, fruity wine offering with exceptional skills to aging.

In 2000, at the dawn of the 21st century, thanks to supported care to culture, vine, production control, and a custom winemaking Pascal CHATONNET was the Archangel (AOC Saint-Emilion) on the baptismal under the protective aura of the angels of higher order, those who form the Heavenly Court of the Lord and serve as messengers between God and men.

The 2000 vintage, first we hope a countless series, is dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel (power of God in Hebrew), the Herald Archangel (Gabriel nuncius).

Gabriel appears three times in the Bible: the book of Daniel 8-9, (Old Testament) in the Gospel of Luke 1, 11-20 and then 1, 28-38 (New Testament). It is in the second pass, the announcement to Zechariah, the Angel: "I am Gabriel; I stand in the presence of God". Before listening to his message, he must look to this name and this role. Gabriel has a name which means "Strength of God", "Hero of God" and it is part of the angels who can contemplate the face of God. But Gabriel, "hero of God", is also his Herald, his Messenger. The message is that the good news, the unique, the unsurpassable: God is one of us, transfigures our condition, in other words to save us. The message accompanies the double announcement to Zechariah and Mary, a creation of a new world. More fear: "Don't worry"said Gabriel to one and the other. And his first word to Mary, the first of the Gospel somehow, is "Rejoice". But woe to those, like Zechariah, who doubts the word of the Angel.

Gabriel does not merely announce. He explains, it meets the how of Zachariah and Mary, it interprets the visions of Daniel: the RAM and the goat, the 70 weeks prophecy... "Behold, I am now out to open intelligence". Gabriel is also the one who dictated the Qur'an to Muhammad and guided Tobias to the land of the Medes. Guide and admirable teacher, he invites us, in our vocation as educators and awakening of the senses, to the skill, dedication and patience.